Build the industry,

With the challenger .



We are the first PropTech focused venture capital firm in Japan, established in 2019.
Our focus is in regulated industries such as real estate, finance, and construction.
By creating a safe and convenient society and services for the end-users and consumers in the huge markets, we will build new industries and grow with new leaders.

Startup First,

Startup only.


The Challengers. 

For us, "startups" are not only limited to startup companies but all the challengers.
We regard all the people as "startups" who are trying to move their own business forward with mission and passion.
It does not matter whichever organization you belong to: startup companies, enterprises, and governments.

We always share the values with challengers and work together to build a better future.


The largest in Japan with 1,200

participants Startup community.

Established in 2017, PropTech JAPAN has a mission to build Japan's PropTech ecosystem in the real estate, construction, and financial industries. We are working to create opportunities for connections.