DBC Consulting

We provide consulting services specializing in digital × regulated industries.

Understand the End Users

Consumers' values and behaviors are changing rapidly because of  the technological development.
This requires a number of industries to  reconstruct their business models to deal with current end users through digital transformation.

Digital strategy & Business Development

We help enterprises plan and implement digitally oriented strategies, and launch new specialized departments related to digital.

Human Resource Development Workshop /Training Program

We provide human resource development workshops and training programs.


We provide research on startups and technology trends both in Japan and in global.

Advisor /



We provide advisory services for management meetings, strategic meetings, and project.

Extensive track record by utilizing expertise and networks

Through our network with investors and communities both in Japan and global, we are constantly catching up on industry-leading trends.
We support the digital business of financial institutions, real estate companies, funds, trading companies, and other enterprises.


Next-generation real estate information infrastructure project



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